What Writers Need to Know About Plot and Theme

Balancing plot, theme and character
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Where did Christopher Columbus land when he reached the Americas? How did Zeus become ruler of the Greek gods? What is antidisestablishmentarianism? What is Leningrad known as today?

What Makes A Good Story?

Who were the leading figures in the Classical period of music? Who wrote, A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still"? What was the cause of the War of Spanish Succession? What is the song Yankee Doodle Dandy" really about? How does history reflect what people were thinking at the time? My teacher says there's more than one kind of history. How can that be? What were the turning points in World War II? We just started studying Spanish exploration in North America. What makes it so important today?

What was it like for women in the s? Have Americans always been big on sports? Who invented baseball? What did American Indians have to give up for pioneers? How did imperialism spread around the world?

How did Imperialism in India come about? What's the big deal about Manifest Destiny? How did the Tet Offensive affect public opinion about the Vietnam War? Where do the four suits in a deck of cards originate?

Identifying the theme

What do they represent? What was the Roe v. Wade trial? Who is Constantine? I need to know some info on the Monroe Doctrine. I have looked everywhere but I still can't find any information. Where did the chair originate from?

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  • Story Theme – How to Use It In Fiction.

I was sitting on one the other day and it said Made in China," but where did it first come from? Everyone talks about how enlightened the Mayans were, but what did they really do? What caused the fall of the Roman Empire? Did Christianity play a role? What was the reason for the downfall of the Russian Empire in ? What prompted slavery? Why were the Africans chosen for enslavement?

Infographic: The Story Iceberg

How did World War I start and end? What is The Palestinian Conflict?

What Is Theme?

I don't really understand the French Revolution. What started it, and what stopped it? What was the doctor's diagnosis of Helen Keller when she was a baby? What is the Trail of Tears? When speaking about Native Americans, what is the difference between an Indian tribe and an Indian Nation? What happened during the Boston Massacre?

Identifying the theme

The theme of a story is what the author is trying to convey — in other words, the central idea of the story. Short stories often have just one theme, wher. A major theme is an idea the writer keeps on repeating in his work, portraying it as the To identify the theme of a story, you have to read through the story and.

What was sectionalism in America before the Civil War? How did the U. What is Ronald Reagan's Tear down this wall" speech about? How many countries are there in the world? What did Columbus do besides sail to the New World?

What is the theme of a story?

My history teacher said that if your religious denomination isn't Catholic, than you are a Protestant. Is she right? Do you think that Mormons are Christians?

What is the full name of the Mormon Church? What is the size of Europe in square miles? How were the Crusades a turning point in Western history? I know that the verb pluck means to pull out or pull at, but what's the definition when used as a noun? Which novels would you recommend to year-olds on the theme of places and forms of power? In The Pearl, why didn't John Steinbeck give the pearl buyers identifying names? What is perfidy from Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser? Is being pedantic a good or bad thing?

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Is a termagant a type of seabird? What is ichor from The Iliad?

Story Theme – How to Use It In Fiction

Is a rivulet really a river, only smaller? Charles Dickens has this person called the beadle" in lots of his books. Is that like a nickname for a man with buggy eyes or something? What is the main tenet of stoicism? What's the meaning of obsequious from Theodore Dreiser's urban novel Sister Carrie? Where are the Antipodes from Much Ado about Nothing? What is a truckle bed from Romeo and Juliet?