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The streets are impeccably clean—not a piece of rubbish in sight. No derelicts either. Everyone seems busy doing something useful. Also, there are policemen on every street corner. This has to be the cleanest and safest place in the world to stroll about. And stroll the Rwandans do—they walk everywhere. No problem of obesity here. A former Belgian colony, many Rwandans still speak French, however English has become more prevalent in recent years, especially since the arrival in power of President Paul Kagame of whom everyone speaks well, according him much of the credit for leading the country from chaos to order.

He runs a tight ship.

kamishiro-hajime.info/voice/logiciel/comment-espionner-un-iphone-6-plus-sans-jailbreak.php Nevertheless, the sessions went well and they were glad not to have to learn through a translator. On Saturday, Nov. I took advantage of the layover to visit the genocide memorial in the company of my new friend Patrice 25, who escaped the slaughter but lost both his parents and his siblings when he was but a two year-old.

A devout Christian, Patrice speaks fluent English and French, so we used the latter language which he wanted to practice. Patrice insisted that though the racial tensions have subsided for the moment, the potential for another flareup subsists. It seems so incongruous that the Rwanda people—whom I found gracious to a fault—could have sunk so low. There but for the grace of God we go…. Indeed, many African Christians gather together every night to pray and sing praises to the Savior, but most remain quite ignorant of the basic contents of the Bible. This is where our more studious Presbyterian tradition fills a need.

The teaching was well-received and the church has invited me back.

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In fact, they asked me to start a Bible school in Bujumbura! I told them they would need someone with administrative gifts for such an enterprise.

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Both countries have a large percentage of believers. They need help only for acquiring a greater love for the written Word in order to benefit from its transforming effect on the culture. Still, one can predict that, should the Lord tarry, the future center of world domination might lie closer to Nairobi than to London. Hence the hurricane comparison. How amazing that the human brain can assimilate several different languages at one time.

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She automatically spoke to me in English—albeit in baby talk—and to Aline in French. One evening as she and I sat in the back yard, she observed with delight the movements of airplanes in the S. I will forever cherish those moments…. Heidi three months is still in the baby stage of breast- feeding and keeping her exhausted mother up at night. Fortunately, Anais had some precious help from Aline who changed a bunch of diapers and did a ton of laundry.

Still, Aline relishes her grandmother role.

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Martin where we had a teaching program for years before battering the entire state of Florida on Sunday Sept. Fortunately, the prevailing winds were from the east. We were praying that the roof would not be ripped off….

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Providentially, we lost only a couple of trees and a fence. Pennsylvania the weekend of Sept.

Much more than documents.

Friends and relatives came from as far as S. Luke came down to Florida to stay with us for a week after the wedding so we could finally get to know him a bit. The wedding celebration was a delightful occasion and surely one of the last family gatherings my dad 93 will ever attend here below. Alas, without reference to the Word of God, how can anyone know the meaning of the divine institution of marriage? The reigning confusion of modern society over this issue bears testimony.

Privately, we reminded my niece that the entire Bible could be thought of as a kind of wedding invitation which begins with God providing a bride for Adam and ends with the marriage supper of the Lamb—Jesus Christ, the groom, who has paid the highest dowry for His bride—His own blood. Let the feast begin. Vincent Oct. On those morning drives we enjoyed the warm, passionate voice of radio host Eve Ruggerie commenting on the lives of the great composers as introduction to their delightful compositions.

How could one not be grateful here? More than productions are presented in that beautiful walled city during a three week period each July! France in the summer! But all is not well in French paradise, as the aforementioned joys are accompanied by the proportional frustrations of any Christian attempting to steer his mostly indifferent acquaintances to the sublime truths of the gospel. This summer I preached four times, thrice at the Anduze temple largest in France where worship services were attended by an encouraging average of people, half of whom were visiting Dutch campers.

The last service was in a quaint 17th century chapel in the remote, bucolic village of Thoiras. As so few French attend Sunday worship services, one needs to seize any occasion to share the gospel. France needs Hope.

Proportionately dismaying is the rapid unraveling of the modern French society, as even professing Christians include a large number of composite families with little apparent appreciation of the sanctity of marriage. Her life was a mess.

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Glander is how I write my books, how I brew ideas. Whither go? Which is why people are talking past each other when they discuss history and historical distinctions. And these will remain for 5, 10, years! Alectryomancie ou Alectromancie.

Many more tears will have to flow, alas, to avoid the inevitable judgment on France. Son Calix and Aline in Avignon. As it turned out, 72 year old Dr. Coincidence of course. We plan to get together upon our return to S. Aline and I had a great, albeit exhausting, time with our granddaughters in Orange County where my wife will stay until June While in California, our son-in-law Eric arranged for me to share our ministry vision with some 40 men at an AM Bible study from their church.

I plan to attend their next seminar in Monrovia in November. Acts ? June with brother Gordon W.

While in Greensboro, I also met Patrick L. The church in Anduze will soon be shepherded by the French wife of an American missionary as it cannot afford to pay for a full-time pastor. Such is the situation of the church in spiritually frigid Western Europe where France is the Arctic of the Christian world and the center of Christendom is now closer to Nairobi than to London.

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Back in S. Florida, we continue our weekly radio spots as well as teaching in our Haitian Bible school using B. Le docteur Bathurst figurait parmi les premiers, et le docteur Moreno parmi les seconds. Au demeurant, de braves gens et les meilleurs amis du monde. Oser comparer les Babyloniens aux hommes modernes! On rit plus fort autour de lui. Le sol trembla et manqua sous nos pieds, fa villa oscilla sur ses fondements. On me comprit. Une panne? Quelle heure est-il? Que se passe-t-il?

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He is said to be a However, alone one day, their timid companion Looked at the heavenly fields around her, Extended her wing, and smiled, took off, and in the air Sought her friendly Earth, or some barren stars. So in the forests of Louisiana, Cradled 'neath the bamboos and long vines, The humming bird breaks his sun-ripened egg And leaves his flowery bed. A green emerald crowns his head, The purple of the wings on his back is already there, An azure breastplate adorns his young heart, And he departs to struggle victoriously with the breezes.


In places connected to the light he flaunts His feathers which abhor the dust; This daring traveler visits the palm tree, Surprising the pigeon under its wild cover. The perfumed plain is first to be abandoned; Ambitious, he flits from maple to ash And finds the desert for all his feasts In front of the palm-tree or in the arms of the cypress; But the woods are too big for his nascent wings, And the flowers of the cradle of these places are not there; He looks for them on the green savannah; The bird-catching snakes they can hide Scare him less than the dry forests.

The capers hidden in their chaste prisons, The strawberries sweet-scented amid their lawns. Similarly did Eloa, strong from birth, Passed the white road where undying fires Burned at the feet of God like a mass of altars. Sometimes she poised on two young planets, Sometimes she placed her feet on the surface of comets, In order to seek out beings born elsewhere.

Then she arrived at the bottom of the lowest Heavens. The Ether has its divisions of enormous size, Up to the perpetual shade where Chaos begins. A pale, weak day fails to light up the mist Beneath it is Chaos and incomprehensible night, A bottomless, impalpable void appears. The pure Spirits, children of light, Reach not unto the last of these three regions, And never would a beautiful Seraph wander Onto those confused divisions of which Hell is last.

E'en the Cherubim, so strong and dutiful, Fear the impure air may fail beneath their wings, Afraid they may be forced, in this their risky flight, To fall to th' bottom of shadowy Chaos. What would become of such a defenseless exile? The perpetual offense of demon laughter, Their words, their mocking play, would redden his cheek.

Yet greater peril! Mayhap he needs must hear Some smooth and tender farewell song, Some celestial regret, a sad canticle, Sung sweetly by an unhappy Angel. His ear being touched by the sound, He even might forget his heavenly home, Find satisfaction in this Night, a liking For the songs and pity which joined them.

Indeed, how could he ever go back to the azure vault, Presenting to the glaring, golden light His tousled, tarnished locks, Drab wings; arms, neck yellowish-brown, A pale visage strangely streaked, Amid the serene countenances of the dwellers of the clouds?